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Milking Machine Single Bucket Single Can Milking Machine

Milking Machine

Bucket Milking Machine are manufactured as per international health and security standards. They are safe for cows and working persons, Food safety standards, Machinery directives are followed while designing and manufacturing.
An efficient unit on any dairy farm, for milking cows, buffaloes or local Gir cows and getting better productivity with less manpower. Advantages
Reduced dependency on labour
Possibility to increase herd size easily
Increased business profitability and productivity
Completely untouched, high quality clean milk
Convenient for milker

Improved milk quality-decrease of SCC count by 13%
Complete milking-17% increase in milk yield
Time saving-25% less time than hand milking
Payback-Less than 2 years
Improved Udder health-less chances of mastitis
More time for farm management

Electric Motor
Direct coupling with Vacuum pump
Saves power
Highest level of safety standards

Vacuum Pump
Easy to install on floor or wall
Stable vacuum level and low-noise operation
Minimum maintenance

Long Life Vacuum Tank
Hot dip Galvanized
Rust-proof for several years
Equipped with Oil-trap and Moisture trap

Milk Tube
Transparent and Easy to clean
Food-grade non-toxic quality standards

High Grade Rubber Liners
Designed for effective milking and massage
Food-grade quality standards
Single piece

Other Details:
Machine milking is based on the principle of vacuum and massage around teat. The mechanism is designed to emulate natural calf suckling process and flow controlled milking. The machine ensures optimised vacuum level on the teat for milking due to its unique combination of vacuum, pulsations and cluster.
Machine milking ensures complete, efficient milking within 7 minutes.
Machine milking is milker-friendly and saves time and laborious effort involved in hand-milking.
Machine milking ensures clean milk.