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Ghee Clarifire

Ghee Clarifire

Ghee Clarifire Capacity 250 LPH Model

1. Ghee Clarifire 250 LPH working principal gheefrom the Settling Tank is fed through the inlet placed at the top of Ghee Clarifier separation of the ghee residue from the ghee takes place in a solid wall bowl under the influence of centrifugal force the residue thus separated is collected in the sludge space of the bowl and pure and clarified ghee flows out through the clarifier outlet 10 basic unit.

2. The Ghee Clarifier comprises of cast iron frame with the drive housed in its lower part the bowl is fixed on top of the spindle 10 accessories 11 Lubrication System splash lubrication system complete in all respect 12 Tools essential special tools will be supplied with the machine 13 All parts coming in contact with ghee viz bowl body bowl hood discs etc will be made of food grade stainless steel the cast iron frame will be painted in epoxy enamel of blue colour 30 Technical Data capacity will be of 500 LPH of pre filtered ghee model elect motor of 1 hp suitable for operation on 3 ph 415 V 50 hz 3 AC supply system lubrication gears are immersed in oil bath connection inlet.

3. outlet 20 mm flanged complete with S.S.union temperature for clarification 60 deg c to 70 deg c for better performance bowl speed 6400 rpm approx 40 other items, 41 operation and spare parts manual 2 copies, 22 standard tools one set, 23 standard spares one set note the capacity of the clarifier depends upon the temperature of ghee dirt particles on the ghee the capacity of ghee clarifier varies from 350 LPH to 500 LPH

We have created informational video to demonstrate how the product works. We request you to kindly watch the video and give us a call if you require any further clarification.